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welcome to arnfield care
Arnfield Care homes are based in the High Peak District of Derbyshire. Since 1997 we have supported children and young people aged 11 to under 18, whose circumstances present a challenge for services, and where additional identified needs cannot be met within the Local Authority.

We provide high-quality placements tailored to meet individual needs with education, social, psychological and health care, supporting children and young people to achieve improved outcomes. Our care and support ranges from short-term breaks, usually from 28 days through to six months plus, to longer-term care, usually 12 to 36 months and onward to independent living.

Our central UK location means that our highly-skilled and experienced staff team are able to make use of nationwide venues supporting our licensed outdoor education programme, which is an important part of our education provision.

Our homes are more than just bricks and mortar - we believe our rounded intervention and support programme provides young people with an active and stimulating base from which they can experience key periods of stability, providing opportunity for important growth and development.

"Social workers report a high level of satisfaction with the packages of support which young people receive. A social worker said: ‘As a result of the excellent support, the young person has made sustainable positive changes to her life.’ Risk taking behaviours significantly reduce and young people start to reflect on their past
experiences and risky behaviours.

One young person said: ‘My behaviour has really changed. I am calmer and can now control my anger. The staff have helped me to think about things and make changes.’ Another reflected: ‘I would recommend this home to young people who have difficulties and who do not understand the concept of risk. Here they teach you about risk and
how to keep yourself safe.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Arnfield Tower Activity Centre, January 2016

Overall judgement: “OUTSTANDING”

“The majority of young people speak extremely positively about their experiences and the progress they are making in many aspects of their lives. One young person said: ‘Looking back, living here has really helped me in lots of ways. My confidence levels have gone up, my anxiety levels have gone down, I have learnt manners and how to behave, I am now doing really well at school and I now have loads of friends.’

Another said: ‘I have been doing lots of activities such as swimming, horse riding, outdoor education and bowling. I am also doing really well with maths - I used to be rubbish and now I am brilliant.’

From their starting points, young people are making excellent progress educationally, socially and emotionally. Consequently, their life experiences and chances significantly improve.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Greenfield House, January 2016

Overall judgement: “GOOD” Improved effectiveness

"Young people achieve exceptional outcomes. A parent said ‘This home is fantastic in every way. My daughter has come on in all aspects of her life, beyond anything I could have expected’. Young people report having extremely positive experiences and recognise the difference living in the home has made to their lives.

One young person said, ‘ Being here has made me reflect on my life. I was at risk before. It has taken coming here to realise this. I would have ended up dead or kidnapped. Being here has helped me make the right choices. I am now going to go to college, I have a part-time job, and in the future I want to go to University to study business’.

Young people are provided with an excellent opportunity to address their difficulties and reach their full potential.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Arnfield Tower Activity Centre, August 2015

Overall judgement: “OUTSTANDING”

“Young people are helped and protected as a result of staff knowing them well and the implementation and review of individualised risk-management plans and multi-agency support plans. Staff engage young people in regular Key-Work sessions targeting specific areas of vulnerability and need.

Good links with partner agencies such as schools and colleges, mental health services, drug and alcohol services and specialist health and child exploitation workers ensure that young people get the help and support that they need and deserve.

As a result of this and the consistency of care provided by staff, incidents of risk taking behaviours such as aggression, substance misuse, criminal activity, going missing and self-harm significantly reduce and in some cases, stop.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Greenfield House, July 2015

Overall judgement: “GOOD”

"Young people benefit from an exceptionally knowledgeable, creative and inspirational Management Team who consistently look for ways to further improve the service and lives of young people. They strongly advocate on young people’s behalves, ensuring that they receive the specialist and creative support which will help them reach their full potentials.

There is constant and thorough evaluation of the progress young people make. Consultation and engagement with young people is a key part of this process and a key part of the home’s development plan. As a result young people are central to the running of the home. They feel valued and this assists them to develop substantially in terms of their self-confidence and overall wellbeing."

Ofsted inspection Report for Greenfield House, October 2014

Overall judgement: “OUTSTANDING”

“From their admission, young people make exceptional progress from their starting points in all areas of their lives. Young people are kept as safe as possible and their lives quickly stabilise. Risk taking behaviours significantly reduce or even stop.

Young people start to feel safe and secure and they develop some control over their lives. They start to realise their own potential and develop aspirations for the future.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Arnfield Tower Activity Centre, October 2014

Overall judgement: “OUTSTANDING”

"Staff are highly effective because compassion and understanding is combined with high expectation and aspiration. As a result, young people become well-mannered, learn to speak respectfully and have improved social skills.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Arnfield Tower Activity Centre,
November 2013

Overall judgement: “OUTSTANDING”

Arnfield Care would like to thank all of the local authorities, associated agencies and families who have consistently provided positive feedback which supports the outstanding works achieved by our homes and staff.