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about us
Arnfield Care is an independent provider of high-quality residential care for young people age 11 to 17 whose circumstances and complex needs challenge local authority services, and where crisis in their lives may also be a factor.

We have been working with young people since 1997 in the beautiful High Peak area of Derbyshire with its close proximity to a wide range of social, educational and leisure facilities and good transport links to nearby towns and cities.

At our children’s homes we provide placements tailored to meet the individual needs of children and young people and the requirements of their placing authorities. Our care covers a range of flexible options from short term respite and intensive crisis intervention work, through to longer periods in care leading to potential return home with family or a supported move towards independent living in the community.

We aim to provide a framework of stability and structure for each young person, within which they can begin to look positively at the pressing issues in their lives in a safe and caring environment.

Throughout each placement, whilst providing security and protection, we support their progress against these positive indicators:
  • health and well-being
  • education and/or employment
  • emotional and behavioural development
  • identity and self-esteem
  • relationships with parents and/or family
  • social presentation and social relationships
  • self-care skills and preparedness for moving on.

We look at placement planning very carefully and respond to young people’s changing needs.

We work with the young people’s placing authorities, other professionals and (where appropriate) parents and families, to provide the best possible support for each young person.

Education and Outdoor Education programmes are agreed with each young person, and are closely linked to their placement plans. All our staff work closely as a team to support personal growth and development, to help young people build their confidence and self-esteem, and to give them the opportunity to learn to work and play cooperatively with others.

Therapeutic interventions include our outdoor education programme, group work, and individual work with Key staff, which is guided by our Consultant Educational Psychologist. Where appropriate, we make referrals to Manchester CBT, and we maintain excellent working relationships with local CAMHS, Youth Offending and other services.

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