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"Many students have previously not kept themselves safe and have put themselves at significant risk. They now have a good awareness of how to assess and manage risks appropriately. Likewise, all students understand the importance of keeping healthy and usually lead healthy lifestyles while in school.

The comprehensive outdoor activities provide highly effective daily opportunities to keep fit and healthy. Staff provide a good level of risk assessment at the school and when on visits and expeditions. There are very effective links with external agencies, including those from the health and mental health services, which have a positive impact on the students’ personal development.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Arnfield Independent School,
November 2013

"Coordinated working practices between care staff, the in-house educational staff and external education providers are effective. Staff promote young people’s talents and interests.

Those who have not attended school for significant periods of time quickly start engaging in bespoke packages of education at the on-site school. One said: ‘I go to school now and also go climbing and caving. I feel good about this.’

A number of young people also successfully reintegrate into mainstream schools and colleges. Young people benefit socially as well as educationally as a result of this. They make friends, they develop confidence and they enjoy improved self-esteem.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Arnfield Tower Activity Centre, January 2016

“All young people re-enter into full-time education, often after having had a significant period of not being educated or having no interest or belief that they can achieve. Excellent joint working between the staff, on-site school teachers and outdoor educators ensure that each young person has an individualised package of education which is challenging but also reflects their strengths, interests and learning styles.

Young people start to enjoy and achieve in education. A social worker commented: ‘This young person had a long history of non-school attendance. She has made significant progress educationally. She is now fully engaging, she has gained some qualifications and she is
now due to go to college.’

Young people develop aspirations for the future and a sense of achievement. Consequently, their opportunities and choices in adulthood are greatly improved.”

Ofsted inspection Report for Arnfield Tower Activity Centre, August 2015

"Comprehensive packages of multi-agency support provide young people with good levels of help and protection. Coordinated approaches between staff at the home, health professionals, education providers, therapists and family members ensure that young people receive the correct support and services to meet their individual needs.

An independent reviewing officer commented: ‘The young person is being provided with a high level of support to help him reach his full potential. He now has some insight into his difficulties and is
working to address them.’"

Ofsted inspection Report for Greenfield House, Jaquary 2016

“Young people’s experiences and overall progress are very good. One young person said: ‘When I first came here, I was in a lot of trouble. I am now a well-rounded person.

I have done my GCSEs and I have got a job. I have sorted my problems out through therapy. My life is back on track because of the care and help I have had. It really is a lovely place to live.’ Young people’s lives stabilise. They develop life and coping skills and they develop aspirations and dreams for the future.'”

Ofsted inspection Report for Greenfield House, July 2015

"Despite the identified shortfalls, young people continue to achieve excellent outcomes. Young people are safer as incidents of risk taking behaviour and going missing have significantly reduced.

All young people continue to make considerable progress educationally. All continue to develop a range of life and social skills through the participation in a wide range of activities and experiences in the local community. As a result, young people’s confidence continues to develop and their life chances are significantly improved. ”

Ofsted inspection Report for Greenfield House, February 2015

Many young people have had a fragmented education or have been out of the education system for periods of time. Our emphasis is on providing a safe and nurturing environment that will encourage and support each young person to re-engage in the process of learning. We promote positive outcomes through the use of a behaviour management and reward system.

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