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young people

"Staff and managers are proactive, skilled and imaginative in finding
ways to support young people to make progress. They all have
consistently high expectations of young people and place the well-being
of each one at the centre of their practice"

Ofsted comment, 2011

It can be really difficult having to live away from family and friends. Adults at the home support children and young people in overcoming their anxieties and fears.

Here are just a few reasons why young people become Ďlooked afterí:

"My parents broke up and I found it hard to cope. I stopped going to school and got myself in trouble with the Police all the time. Both my parents couldnít cope with me!"

"Iíve been in loads of homes. I donít like getting use to the staff, thereís no point, because they keep moving me on. They say I got some problem with my behaviour and I should take the tablets. Itís the tablets that are making me feel daft. I donít think Iíll be here long!"

"I was seeing this guy who said he really liked me. It was a laugh and all my friends were dead jealous. He was a lot older than me and it was really exciting. I didnít listen to my friends. I didnít listen to my Dad ... . His mates seemed cool. I wasnít ready ... ."

It can be difficult with lots of ups and downs along the way. Many young people who have lived with us for a while and leave, keep in touch with the home and its staff.

Here are some of the comments made by them:

""The staff are stricter than other places but fair and listen to what you say."

"I liked my time at Arnfield because even though there are rules, the staff keep you safe. Iíve done lots of different activities and stuff and really enjoyed it. It was really nice to spend the last week with all the kids and staff even though it was upsetting."

"Staff managed to sort out contact with my family because I had not been able to see them for ages."

"Arnfield helped sort my life out and helped me settle down giving me new opportunities."

"I cycled across from one side of England to the other, something I would never have been able to do before without the support of staff."

"I found education hard at first but finally managed it!"

"To all Greenfield staff, past and present. I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for the many things you have done for me over the years. It hasnít always been easy but we all made it through three years of laughter, tears and tantrums but most of all a great time where I was accepted for who I was, allowed to grow up in my own way, do my own thing, regardless of whether it was right or wrong with the support of you guys ... ĎThe Staffí. Youíve all been a great help in giving me a big push as I set off into the big bad world (not too big). Youíre all more like family than staff and if that freaks you out, then Iíll settle for friends ... ."

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